About Sportsmanship

A sportsman spirit is a kind of optimism that is present in people who love sports. It indicates that one is not bothered about what other people think and is ready to accept the challenges that come one’s way. A person may literally be reduced to a shell, but he is able to work very hard and still start from scratch. One has to maintain one of confidence even in the face of great adversity.

Sportsman spirit is necessary for cricket fans to cheer their team on. The current situation in cricket field is such that fans are expecting for a great finish to the ongoing series between Australia and New Zealand. After the match involving Australia and New Zealand at the Basin Reserve, several fans were found to be carrying their Australian cricket shirts, which indicates that they were not happy with the performance of their team. This means that their team had not been performing well, and it was obvious that something is bothering the players.

Some of them even said that they would never watch any more cricket match on television if Australia won this particular match. However, as per the sportsman spirit, there should be no sense of depression about such a situation. A cheer of “sportsman spirit” should be raised for both the team and the players.

To become a true sportsman, you have to earn your stripes by displaying some sportsmanship. There was a time when cricketers were considered to be the best sportsman at the game, which later changed due to some bad manners shown by some players. But the essence of sportsmanship remains the same. If you truly want to display true sportsmanship at the cricket ground, then you need to follow a few guidelines.

The first point that would come to your mind about sportsmanship is about showing good sportsmanship. When you are playing in the field, don’t play such games which involve physical harm on the opponent. This is one of the basic rules of sportsmanship which a true sportsman should always follow. Cricket is a game of truth, so if you really want to display the true sportsman spirit, then you need to maintain the truth while playing the game.

Another point related to sportsman spirit is about following the umpire’s call. There have been many instances where cricketers have ignored the umpire’s call and this has given way for a conflict to occur. This is something which is completely unacceptable and you will never accept such an act from your team. It is highly important for you to understand that while you are playing cricket, you are the boss and no matter what happens, you will be the one to make the decisions. If you feel that the umpire is making a wrong call, ignore him and let the call go down the throat.

One of the most important factors about sportsmanship is about the attitude and also about the playing conditions. Cricket players are known to show their true sportsman spirit when they sense that the conditions are not ideal for the game. They will try to play and even to risk the result of the match. So, this should be understood by all players while they are playing. Don’t get emotional or over-confident, because this is one of the major reasons for arguments during a match.

A true sportsman always tries to find some kind of an advantage over the opponent. It is quite possible that no matter how well you play, there might be times when you might not be able to find an edge over the other player. But you should not allow this to disturb your performance and you should instead try to find ways and means to be able to have an edge over the opponent. This is why a sportsmanship is also about showing a lot of sportsmanship, which is one of the most important qualities of being a true sportsman. So, enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship in every game and in every part of life.

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