Indian Recipes For Weight Loss – Find Out Some Delicious and Easy To Prepare Meals

Indian Recipes For Weight Loss is gaining immense popularity worldwide. People are getting more interested in Indian Recipes than any other cuisine. Indian Recipes are rich in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates and extremely tasty too. It is not just about losing weight, it’s also about enjoying your meals.

Breakfast: The popular Indian recipe for breakfast is ‘Naan’, which is an unboiled milk cooked with onions, spices and fresh coriander leaves. Make sure you rinse the rice well in water and add a pinch of salt. Stir the mixture and let it stand for approximately 20 minutes. This is a great starter dish for you when you’re starting your day. For the snack you can have ‘Rsaying’ which is a spicy beef or chicken curd preparation and ‘Dosa’ which is spicy and fluffy dogs. For dessert you can have ‘Chapatis’ which are thin rice pancakes prepared with the goodness from the masalas and coriander leaves.

After breakfast, you can have a delicious dinner comprising of various delicacies of south India. The most popular Indian recipe for lunch or dinner is ‘Naan Biryani’ which is very nutritious and has an extra punch of spice to it. It contains medium cooked beef and is covered in mashed potatoes and garnished with different sauces. A perfect appetizer recipe for your lunch is ‘phia’ which is a delicious spicy yogurt dish. For your dinner you can have various items like samosas, chicken tikka masala and other assorted Indian curries.

To spice up your evening with some sumptuous South Indian recipes you can have a couple of ‘Chutneys’ prepared. One of the popular ones is the ‘Chutney Masala’. This is made by using roasted and fried green chutney along with a variety of spices. You can either make a big serving of this dish or divide it in portions. In case you want a healthier version of chutney, you can just add a little of oil and lemon to the masalas which will render you with a healthy and tasty side dish.

Now, for the late night meal, you can have one of the mouth watering South Indian ‘Chana Dal’ recipes. It is a simple yet tasty recipe of stuffed potato cooked in the clay oven. The main ingredients that you will need for preparing this dish are butter, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas and green chilies among others. A popular way of cooking this dish is by using a chimney which will give you a mouth-watering aroma. In order to make sure that your dinner is not only mouth watering but also nutritious, you can serve it with some baked basmati rice.

If you are looking for some appetizers that are healthy and high in nutrition, you should go for the ‘Naan’ recipe. This is yet another delicious starter dish for a starter as well as dinner. You can expect to eat around thirty to forty calories per serving and this is a recipe that has been consumed since long in India and still continues to be loved by many people.

Apart from these mouth watering Indian breakfasts, there are many other delicious Indian dishes for weight loss. These include curries, savory stews, stir-fries, curd samosas, desserts and so on. All these dishes will help you achieve your weight loss goals easily and you can enjoy every mouth-watering moment of them. So if you are planning to lose weight in a jiffy, just check out the delicious Indian foods for weight loss.

Apart from these mouth watering Indian breakfasts, you can also indulge in some low-calorie Indian breakfasts. For these you can choose from various South Indian delicacies including dosas, chutneys and samosas. Other popular South Indian delicacies include moong and mojarra which are extremely popular and are eaten all over the country. Apart from these, you can also try out other mouth watering low-calorie Indian breakfasts like kheer and data which are both delicious and healthy. So, start planning your healthy and low-calorie Indian diet now!

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