NFTs Performing Really Well in the Past 7-Days

As the entire cryptocurrency industry is facing a downtrend, the non-fungible token (NFT) sector is also finding itself facing the heat. The sector is also facing a downtrend and it is very alarming for the entire NFT sector.

Even the NFT news are showing that most of the cryptocurrencies are facing a negative trend. However, Ido Fishman, an NFT expert has put together some of the NFTs that are still performing well in the market.

According to Ido Fishman, these cryptocurrencies have demonstrated high gains due to their strong presence and utility in the NFT market. Let us go through the list Ido Fishman has readied to see where these cryptocurrencies stand:


WEMIX offers an environment where the users and developers are able to create/launch DApps and games based on blockchains. In the ecosystem offered by WEMIX, you do not face high fees when processing transactions. It is helping clear all the barriers that the traditional developers had been facing when entering the blockchain system.

The ecosystem has been developed in order to bring more and more players to the gaming industry powered by the blockchain system.

At present, WEMIX trades at a high price of $4.35, after experiencing a surge in the past 2.76%. In the past 7-days, WEMIX has rallied by 102.88%.

The overall valuation of WEMIX currently stands at $536.65 billion and the 7-day trading volume it has exhibited is worth $4.19 billion. The 24-hour trading volume WEMIX has observed is worth $370.79 million. The all-time high WEMIX has experienced is worth $24.68, which it hit back on November 21, 2021.

DEAPcoin (DEP)

DEAPcoin also offers an ecosystem where users are allowed to create and experience games, NFTs, and many more applications that are entertainment based. It also offers a marketplace where DEP is used as the utility token. The NFTs are responsible for enhancing the playing experience of the users. The platform currently has more than $1,000,000 users that are actively interacting with the games and platforms offered through the DEAPcoin ecosystem.

At the time of writing, DEAPcoin trades at 0.01928 and it has experienced a 7.30% surge in a 24-hour period. The past 7-day performance graph of DEAPcoin shows that its price has experienced a 70.54% surge.

The market capitalization of DEP is currently worth $96,772,932. The 7-day trading volume being recorded for DEP is worth $66,728,873.

BabySwap (BABY)

BabySwap is one of the most prominent and highly advantageous ecosystems for non-fungible tokens. It has been around for a while and it mainly provides support to the newly launched projects. Some of the major platforms being backed by BabySwap include Hoo, BitMart, XT.COM,, and MEXC.

On the BabySwap ecosystem, BABY exists as one of the oldest and most dominant token with a trading price of $0.212. In the past 24-hours, BABY’s price has surged by 31.51%, followed by its 21.09% growth in the past 7-days.

The overall market valuation for BabySwap currently stands at $40,711,071. The 7-day trading volume recorded for BABY is worth $20,627,217.

VIMworld (VEED)

The ecosystem offered by VIMworld includes a great list of collectibles, smart toys, blockchain, IoT technology, and Smart NFTs.

Through the ecosystem, the players can avail the incentive structure. As the users continue holding VEED, they will be able to stake the coins and generate gains. The traders, collectors, and players also get to interact with each other through the ecosystem.

The trading price of VEED at the moment is worth $0.002824. The 24-hour performance of VEED shows it has grown by 11.89%. The 7-day performance shows VEED has surged by 16.36% in a 7-day period.

The trading volume VEED has recorded in a 7-day period is worth $1,914,583. The overall valuation of VEED currently stands at a high of $15,718,776.

If the investors interact with these cryptocurrencies and invest in them, they may be able to generate high gains through them.

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