Sure Exchange Review – A Step-by-Step Study of their Features

For decades, traders have made significant profits by trading in the financial markets. The opportunities don’t run out at any time and anyone can get started these days, thanks to the internet and technology. Finding and signing up with a brokerage is the only hurdle that you have to overcome. The problem is the army of brokers you will come across when you start looking and this is enough to leave anyone confused and unsure. How do you pick one? To find the best one, you can do a step-by-step study of their features and this is what this Sure Exchange review does.

Operating from London, United Kingdom, Sure Exchange has garnered some attention in the market, as it is catering to global traders and from all walks of life. You will also come across it and want to open an account, but studying its features beforehand can save you from disappointment and frustration down the road. Check out this review below to do so:

Step 1: Start with their registration process

A step-by-step study of a broker’s features should always begin with their registration process and you will see that Sure Exchange has kept it simple and straightforward for all. Their registration process begins with going to their website and clicking on the ‘Open Account’ option. This gives you a form to fill out that takes only a couple of minutes because you have to provide first name, last name, email and password, phone number and country of residence. Enter your time zone, choose an account currency and agree with their Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Look at their account choices

When you are done registering, it is time to open an account and this is where Sure Exchange gives you five options to choose from. They are called Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Corporate. The minimum deposits for these accounts is between $10,000 and $1,000,000. Moreover, they also come with different leverage levels and percentage of margin loans. Account features that you can expect to use include account manager, portfolio manager, in-depth research, trading signals, market reviews, sessions with analyst, webinars, invitation to special events and super tight spreads.

Step 3: Make a deposit via a funding method

The third step is to make the minimum deposit in the account you have chosen and this means taking a look at the funding methods that Sure Exchange supports on its platform. They have added several options for the convenience of their clients, so you can go with bank wire transfer if you prefer the traditional and want security. The other option is to use debit and credit cards for your deposits, which is quick and simple. These methods can also be used for withdrawals later on.

Step 4: Check the trading instruments

With your account ready for trading, now you need to decide what you want to trade. You will be very pleased with the trading instruments that Sure Exchange has put together because there is a variety of them to be found that belong to different financial markets. You will be able to trade instruments in the forex, stock, indices, commodities and even the cryptocurrency market via their platform and this helps you in enjoying the opportunities in various markets through one account.

Step 5: Go over the trading platform

It is time to test the trading platform that Sure Exchange offers because you have to use it for trading and their web-based solution is definitely an advantage. It is easily accessible through the browser, so you are not limited to one device. The user-interface is basic, so there is no worry about learning to use it. The sophisticated technology delivers instant trade execution and the ton of trading tools like price alerts, trading signals and charting tools can be very useful.

Closing Thoughts

A step-by-step study of Sure Exchange’s features can help you in determining that it is a good package for everyone’s trading needs.

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