Tips On Safe Travel To Mexico During The Annual Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s time to start planning your travels around the upcoming Covid Centennial Festival. This highly anticipated international event, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Mexican-American War, will be held in two places. One is in Mexico, and the other is in the United States. You can expect hundreds of thousands of visitors as thousands of people from Mexico and the United States converge on these two shores for the festival. There are many travel tips available to maximize your enjoyment of the festivities and minimize your chances of being detained while trying to cross into the country. As you read on, you’ll discover some great travel tips during movie that will keep you safe and happy.

As of this writing, the international land border between the United States and Mexico is closed until February 21st. Visitors entering the United States via air should show proof of an anti-biotic drug test before boarding their airplanes. Many air travelers have been told to refuse boarding to anybody who can prove they have a positive drug test or an STD (sexually transmitted disease). This holds true for both land and sea travel between the United States and Mexico, but it is particularly important to watch out for crossings into the United States through Mexico. Any traveler entering Mexico at any time, especially at the beginning or end of the month of February, is strongly advised to get a visa beforehand, visit a pharmacy and get an HIV and STD test done promptly.

If you plan to travel within the United States through Mexico, it is highly recommended you stay at one of the many santerias located along the Mexico border. Many travelers passing through Mexico on their way to the United States are caught by authorities and sent back to Mexico due to violations of the Travel Act. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning on traveling during covid-19 travel tips.

The north central Texas/MS Gulf Coast from San Antonio to Houston has been the target of an outbreak of swine flu this winter. Anyone traveling to this area during this time period should be aware of the Mexico border and be aware of the danger of swine flu. Some of the safest travel tips for this family vacation include not walking through the Mexico fence to get to your hotel, staying home if you hear reports of violence in the area and following the closure of all non-essential bridges on the Mexico border.

If you are traveling with children between the ages of two and eighteen on covid-19, ensure that you have the appropriate travel vaccines for those children. Many travelers neglect to stock up on child travel vaccines while traveling. Make sure that your child receives a hepatitis B vaccination upon arriving at your destination. Three doses of diphtheria and a tetanus booster shot are also important for travelers traveling to Mexico. Travelers should not wait until they experience a medical crisis before stocking up on travel vaccines.

Another set of travel tips for travelers during covid-19 states that you should “be careful about where you stay.” The Mexican government has issued a travel advisory that states officials are monitoring a possible outbreak of the West Nile virus in Mexico. The travel advisory also includes general dos and don’t for travel to the country. Keep in mind that the virus spreads by the bite of an infected mosquito. Therefore, travelers are advised to avoid areas where the mosquitoes are active.

In light of the West Nile virus and other forms of insect-borne illness, travelers have been advised to wear insect repellent and use a mosquito repellent while traveling to Mexico. There is currently a widespread travel advisory for the United States and the United Kingdom due to the recent outbreak of the West Nile Virus. Travellers to Mexico are advised to wear long pants, long sleeves, hats, and heavy-duty fabrics when possible to prevent mosquito bites. While it is impossible to eliminate insects from Mexico, travellers can help reduce the risk of disease by using insect repellant and taking precautions to avoid areas of high traffic such as beaches and parks.

Mexico is a destination filled with spectacular natural beauty. However, travellers are advised to take precautions against some known diseases that can be brought back with them from Mexico to their home countries. Following the simple, safe travel tips during covid-19 will ensure that your trip to this south American country is both fun and safe for the entire family.


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