Action Refund Review – a Funds Recovery Firm Providing Not So Average Services

With the expansion of the internet industry, more and more people are gaining access to services through the internet. Whether the services are related to making money, profits, or for entertainment, the scammers/fraudsters have found their way into the online industry. They have come up with different ways of luring/scamming people, leaving them with regrets and zero hopes of getting their money back. However, several firms have been formed that are helping you recover that lost money and Action Refund claims to be one of them. However, the firm is not even considered average in providing services so in my Action Refund review, I will be talking about why it is not a highly recommended firm.

Inexperienced Teams at Action Refund

As the firm is new, the teams on its platform are inexperienced and not much aware of the processes. As these teams are new, they need more experience on how to collect information and how to tackle the fraudsters. At present, the lawyers, accountants, and consultants at the firm are not very well versed with the policies, scenarios, and regulations. This is the reason why their expertise are not yet polished to tackle such fraudsters quickly and find a solution to the problem.

Customer Support Representatives at Action Refund

So far, Action Refund is on the right track of offering 24/7 customer support via phone and email. However, just like the responsible teams at Action Refund, the support representatives are also inexperienced. They are unable to understand your queries right away, andare unable to find an effective solution for you. This is something where the customer support team at Action Refund needs to work and improve their response time and effectiveness.

Action Refund’s Deposit Option Makes You More Skeptical

If you have already been scammed by someone through the internet, you would not be willing to share your financial details, especially when they’re sensitive. However, Action Refund has not kept it in mind and has offered two payment methods that demand you to share your most sensitive financial information. This information is in the form of credit/debit cards or SEPA transfers. These are the only payment methods Action Refund offers you and it offers no other methods that require less financial information from you.

Difficulties in First Consultation

Action Refund follows on the footsteps of other major fund recovery firms by offering you a free consultation for the first time. However, Action Refund’s teams’ consultants are hardly able to assess the situation and come up with a reliable solution right after the first consultation. You would need to go through several consultations with Action Refund before the consultants at the firm come up with proper strategy to solve the problem.

Acquisition of Information

While most of the major funds retrieving firms acquire all the details around the scam including transactions and correspondences, Action Refund does not do it in the first interaction. This is the reason why Action Refund is never able to assess the situation in the first consultation. The firm continues gathering more and more information as it currently does not have experienced representatives who need more experience dealing with scammers.

Course of Action for Money Retrieval

Similar to gathering information, Action Refund goes with the same approach in terms of setting up a strategy in order to tackle the fraudsters. It currently does not have much data and experience on how to deal with the fraudsters and how they need to get money out of them.

Updates on the Progress

When it comes to getting updates, it is you who will have to contact Action Refund on a regular basis in order to get a hold of them. Although Action Refund claims it keeps you posted, but it even delays the usual follow up processes. There may even be situations where Action Refund does not even follow up on your cases and does it when you contact them, reminding them about it.


It may be true that such firms have the ability to help retrieve your money. However, there are also chances that you may end up getting lured further by scammers claiming to be money retrieving firms. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when dealing with such entities be very vigilant about your decisions.

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