Benefits of Hiring an Interactive Video Creator?

Interactive video is nothing but a linear or digital video that allows users to interact with it via clicks, touches, taps, and movement in addition to the standard play and pause functionality.

Viewers take on the role of creator, navigating through the film by picking the narrative, storyline and making decisions depending on their preferences. Corporate today are taking the assistance of a corporate video production company to create interactive videos that help to transmit messages faster rather than conventional meetings.

Online advertising with interactive video can be incredibly profitable. You can receive a much more thorough and personal view of your audience’s personality. That is why interactive video creator is in high demand today.

Let’s get to know more about this through an example of a virtual tour.

A virtual tour video gives your audience a detailed and digital tour of real estate in the most effective way. It gives a 360-degree view of the place, showing every nook and cranny of the house. This makes it a whole lot easier for the prospects to decide whether or not they should invest in the property.

These videos can be shared and shown on numerous social media platforms, such as YouTube, to attract clients and encourage them to schedule a visit. The best part about such videos is that it helps your prospects get a clear picture of the house so they can decide if a visit to the house is worth their time or not.

How Does It Work?

These videos and photographs can be uploaded on social media, landing pages, and other sites. Your audience can view these photos and rotate them to different angles to understand each part of the video easily.

Here are the advantages a marketing video maker of such 360 virtual tour content can offer:

Brand Adherence:

Many real estate agents struggle to gain customers and build their engagement. This can be aided by posting video content to your website, which allows clients to witness real-world applications of the things you sell while also allowing companies to share more value. The customer’s annoyance with redirects, pop-ups, and too many steps in the process is reduced by the features of such an interactive video and the nature of the immediate purchase. In addition, such a video enhances the customer experience, resulting in increased brand loyalty.

Higher Conversion

Brands that choose to use video content made by an interactive video production company can experience a 30 per cent increase in conversion rates. When clients are given such interactive content, they are highly likely to stay connected with your brand for more such information and content. It helps to boost customer retention by motivating them to stay on the site longer. It’s been established that videos may significantly increase a brand’s conversion rates. Interactive videos with interactive content feature boost growth by minimizing the number of steps required to accomplish a conversion.

Sales Increases:

Customers regard videos as a valuable and beneficial tool that can assist them in making purchasing decisions. When you use interactive videos on your website or in your marketing approach can considerably increase sales, with the average order value rising by as much as 40%. It also increases the chances of your property selling quickly.


Interactive videos are the need of the hour for boosting your online presence today. In this digital era, this kind of video content holds the key to success.

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