Awesome Comments for Facebook Photos

Are you one of those people who love to post awesome comments on their friends’ walls? Well, maybe not. In this article, I am sure that not only will you learn how to do this trick properly but you will also discover the benefits that you will receive by doing so. Keep in mind that when you are writing awesome comments for Facebook photos, it is crucial that you make sure that you put in your true personality and you share something with your friends. In this article, I am sure that you will be able to learn something new.

Why are you writing such cool comments for Facebook photos? Well, I can tell you one reason – you love to express your love to your friends in Hindi. If you are someone who loves to learn new things, you are surely not going to ignore the fact that you have always wanted to learn Hindi or at least trying to understand the language. So, when you are writing comments on your friends walls with funny or cute photographs, you are actually trying to understand how your friends feel about their recent photos.

In order to get the best comments for Facebook pictures, you need to know what you are looking for first. What is the best comment for each picture? To help you find out, here are some tips:

o Are you trying to say how cute or handsome this boy pic guy is? – Well, this is probably one of the top three things that you need to consider while writing awesome comments for Facebook photos. You see, there are three important factors that you need to consider while writing such comments – what you are trying to say, how much you are trying to say it and how funny or interesting you think the pic is. So, try to consider all these factors and then only will you be able to come up with the best comments.

o Is the pic cute enough? – If you have been reading some of my articles then you would realize that I always try to write something that will not only be cute but would also be very appealing to the readers. This is the reason why almost all my articles are always topped on the list for the “most liked” tags. Cute and attractive pics always win over ugly and uglier ones, so try to do the same and make your Facebook page interesting, funny and irresistible.

o Is the pic saying something about me? – Sometimes you can get lost in the thought of the cute pic that you are trying to share and end up sharing something that does not really have anything to do with you. So, try to keep your Facebook page interesting by posting something that talks about yourself or something that is related to you in some way.

o Is the caption more creative than what I actually wrote? – This is a common problem among the beginners and even the most talented artists who spend hours on perfecting their captions and getting it as perfect as possible. For those who are new to using html, you can use the “open-text” mode. This will allow you to see how the caption goes and help you get the best possible caption without spending too much time.

Once you can get the right caption and make your photo speak for itself, then that is when you start seeing the best comments. People will start commenting on your photo based on its content. Try to use words that are simple and leave out all those meaningless symbols like %, * and &. The best thing is that you will start to see the comments from people who read your article instead of those who commented on yours. Good comments are what gets you more likes and makes your page popular and interesting.

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