Vocational Education

Vocational Education : Importance and Benefits

Importance of vocational education

Vocational education is an advantage as VET programs provide hands-on practical skills and training that trains students for specific jobs. … They eliminate the pitfalls of rote-learning and provide a practical learning experience that prepares students for jobs.

It is mandatory to make it employment-oriented for establishing peace and tranquility through education in life. Emphasis is being given on vocational education for this. In the context of professional education, people believe that its purpose is to give education only to men. This is not true from any point of view. Providing vocational education to women too, making them self-sufficient is essential from the country’s development point of view. Therefore, equal opportunities are provided to both men and women under vocational education.

Increasing need and importance of vocational education

From time to time, various education commissions were formed with a view to making education more useful and its objectives more meaningful. Almost all the education commissions acknowledged the importance of vocational education and gave suggestions related to it. And is dependent on the effective use of physical means.

India’s vast human resource power can be beneficial only when it is able to get employment after getting an education. The Commission made several suggestions in the context of vocational education, emphasizing vocational, technical, and engineering education.

Benefits of professional education

Ready for Job – Vocational means vocational education prepares us for jobs. It trains and imparts training and skills to students; Which you cannot do without training skills in areas like interior designing, fashion designing, computer networking, etc. If you want to find your future in these areas, then no training is going to work.

Frugal Education

Both government and non-government organizations are providing vocational education to students at very low fees. With this, economically backward and deprived sections can also benefit from it. This is no less than a boon for those students, who for some reason leave their studies in the middle, or whose home’s financial condition is not good and they cannot give three to four years of education. Such students may be able to earn a living by taking half or yearly courses.


Vocational education provides new employment opportunities by providing appropriate training. This is a need and important today. Even big companies are looking for capable and skilled people. For those who have appropriate professional education, there is never a shortage of jobs. Their demand remains everywhere.

Advanced Career

Vocational education makes it easy to get jobs. Vocational education is a great platform for people who are already working and want to improve their job profile by improving themselves. Their duration is relatively short. Interested students can increase their skills by trending in a very short time, and get better employment opportunities.

The demand for time

Today new research and research are being done in every field. In view of this, it is very important to stay updated. Requirements also vary over time. Earlier people were happy by doing traditional farming, as much as it used to grow, there was enough, the population was less and people also needed. But now it is not so, along with the economic progress of the country, the standard of living of the people also got rich. If the standard of living increased, the requirements of the people also increased. Now, earning a man is not going to work. Now agriculture has also become very advanced. Many techniques have come to increase agriculture.

Vocational education will help in solving many types of economic problems like unemployment, poverty, economic equality, etc. This will increase the ability of students to get employment, reduce the chaotic imbalance between the demand and supply of skilled manpower. And the option will be available for students continuing higher studies without special interest and purpose. In this way, there will be rapid economic development in the country due to vocational education.

For rural girls who are forced to leave school at a very young age, full-time or part-time courses related to home science or domestic industries like sewing, arts and crafts, etc. should be arranged.

Agricultural courses like fruit farming, floriculture, bee keeping, and mushroom production should be arranged in the villages. A variety of other courses should be developed in health, commerce, administration, small scale industries, and all services. Which can be from six months to three years?

The conclusion

Vocational education is the asset of any country’s economy. The country’s economic progress depends on the vocational education there. Professional education is the backbone of the country’s progress, on which the whole country rests.

India has made rapid progress in the last few years and the global recession has not adversely affected it. So our professional education is behind this. The trend of students has shifted from traditional education to vocational education. There has been an increase in the number of students enrolling in various professional courses related to medicine, agriculture, engineering, science, technology, medicine, computer, information technology etc.

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